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2007-04-24 a message from James

Firstly please forgive my relative silence over the past few weeks, months even, but I am sure you have seen our schedule.......have we ever had a busier one? I think not. I no longer have a life.......Still enjoying it nonetheless.


I am sitting here in my hotel room in Campbell River, which is situated on the north-east coast of Vancouver Island, which itself is situated off the west coast of Canada in the northern Pacific...just in case your Geography is dodgy. British Columbia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Vancouver Island is about the size of Ireland!!! And British Columbia almost as vast as Western Europe!!! We have had some spectacular drives, and sadly little free time to sample the area. But thankfully we had a morning (before our show) in Victoria, and I have to say it may have become my favourite Canadian city. Should things ever go wrong for me in Ireland I could live there I think...Loved it. Not only because I loved my breakfasts in Mole cafe (there is an accent on the final 'e', so it is pronounced Molay!). The whole city had a lovely chilled and liberal atmosphere. Want to come back to this area on holiday one day. Anyway...I am typing this slowly, with my balcony door open in Campbell River, and am watching out for whales, as seemingly, they do pass by sometimes...


I really liked the interview with Kindah on Lucid Forge, and I wrote her to tell her, and met her at the Calgary concert too. One of the most honest interviews ever I had.


Also liked my interview with Charles on "No Celtic Boundaries". Gabi and Ute? Did you become famous? Did he use your snippets?


Glad you liked my column on Zion. It was a beautiful place, truly stupendous. Did I tell you that David, Deirdre and Matthew went all the way to the top!!! I went a long way up, and did very well but I chickened out of the final little bit....... Daryl was in Vegas for the day.


Anyway, sorry again for my silence!

Love to you all,