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2007-03-28 a message from James

This really IS a brief reply today, and hopefully during the week I can reply in more detail...

Great to see the article done by Joel. I remember doing that over the phone, so thanks for sending it. Nice article.


Great to have met several of you on the tour...Nice to have met Sandra too, even though it was under weird and far from ideal circumstances. Anyway, glad she enjoyed it!


We head to Northern California today and then off on tour again. It was SO nice to have some free time in the last week and in such a friendly and sunny place.

Managed to do lots of the big LA sights too... Hollywood, Universal, Walk of Fame (could not find our star), Santa Monica Beach, and much more...


I will write soon again when I have more news, and also to perhaps reply specifically to individual emails.


Thank you ALL for everything.