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2007-03-21 a message from James

Greetings from a beach house in LA


At last some time off!!! Yippee. And nice time off too. We have got a lovely beach house in southern LA opening onto the beach. It has been a really hectic few weeks, a full week of symphony concerts (one of the most enjoyable weeks of MY Celtic Tenor career!) and then of course the Patricks Day concerts. Now at last a few well-deserved days off. Loving it&


Seems strange to hear talking of snow, and snow in Ireland too (!!), as I look out through my patio doors onto the beach and rolling surf. Dolphins are playing in the bay, and bronzed people are walking and jogging past my window on the sand.


Thanks to everyone who has come to support us so far, and to those who wrote great reviews. Amazing accounts of your experiences&


Thanks for noticing that I have landed the job of thanking people&I would love to pass on this duty to someone else as I often spend the end of the second half trying to remember if it was "Joe on Lights or on Sound&?"


Anyway, greetings to you all from LA. Went to Universal Studios yesterday for the first time  never been before  and even though I am not very good at roller-coasters (bit of a wuss!)  I braved the "Jurassic Park" ride, and the "Mummy" roller-coaster. The "Mummy" ride was not as scary as Disney's Himalayan ride but it did go backwards which I hate. Anyway, I am alive. Did the bus ride too, where Jaws jumps out of the water at you and splashes you and all that, but I was very brave there&


Anyway, must go, the beach beckons&

Love to y'all,