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2007-03-13 a message from James

Thanks to EVERYONE for GREAT reviews. Wow, so detailed, and so complimentary.


Ennica and Tom, it was great to see you in Cincinnati. As you know we absolutely LOVE the Symphony concerts, and these were such a privilege for us, and such big crowds too. And the venue...all rather amazing. Hope we get to go back there. Great to see Wise Ol' Tom again and Diane too of course. Thanks for all your lovely comments Tom. Ennica, thanks also to you, and to your friends who travel SO far, you didn't mention that?? How far did he travel again??


Petra, thank you also for your lengthy and detailed and complimentary review. I have never been described by so many complimentary adjectives, and superlatives also. I floated out of my hotel room yesterday. Think you heard "An Poc ar buile", not "Fionnghuala"? Or maybe "An Cailin Rua"? Poor Daryl...we learn Irish in school down south from the age of 4 - six lessons a week in Irish. It is a total foreign language to Daryl. Hasn't he done well?


We are having a great trip here. The week of Symphony concerts last week was for us one of teh ebst weeks of our careers, no exaggeration. Like coming home really... Great.


At the moment we are in very hot New Mexico, almost 100 degrees! We have been having great walks in the arid mountains, warned about rattlesnakes and scorpions, but no sign of them yet. Then we went to White Sands this afternoon which was kinda spectacular. Some of us waited for the sunset there, amazing. Kind of strange to have got sunburned today though, in March!


Anyway, hope y'all are in good form, and I will try to write again soon...


Love to y'all,