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2007-03-05 a message from James

I always say this will be brief, and then sometimes I ramble
I am not sure.


Great reviews from Veronika (always so eloquent), Rianne (so informative and detailed), and also wonderful reviews from Gabi and Ute (radio personalities! ) and Licienne (so recent, just a couple of nights ago, even if she called Donna a mezzo...ooops). Thanks also to Andrea for her lovely review, and of course I remember how important "Caledonia" is for you. Also for us. It is the first track on the first ever Celtic tenor album, and a song we rarely ever leave off a setlist. It was the first song we recorded for EMI. I am sort of a little bored with one or two of our songs by now, but still love "Caledonia". Also, my dear friend, our totally bonkers and un-PC MD is a Caledonian!

Just to correct Rianne (she is rarely wrong), it was "I'll tell me Ma" which I have a very wordy verse in! And yes, the other two try to put me off, just watch next time...nasty, eh??

Nice that Ute mentioned David playing guitar in "An Cailin Rua". We love that song, and we are glad so many of you seem to as well. It is kind of mesmerising I think, almost like a trance? I was indeed at the radio. I think I was in pretty good health for the Netherlands. Thankfully still am I hope...


With regard the "Bodies" exhibition, it was INCREDIBLE. But boy am I glad I didn't know about the actual bodies until afterwards. Not sure, ethically, I would have gone had I known beforehand. Well, we had just a few hours off between the Netherlands and the USA, to do our washing and repacking. And now we are away until May! Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhh. Happy though to be on tour really, and great to see so many of you coming along. Also LOVE SO MUCH doing new songs.
Thanks to Licienne for coming along to Blue Bell. It was a strange night for us, as the crowd were so quiet all the way through and then seemed REALLY appreciative at the end? Great to see Wise Ol' Tom Tully and his lovely wife Diane at Cincinnati. We DO love the orchestral concerts, really. And that orchestra is WONDERFUL. And the venue...Wow!!! Of course those who see us in orchestral concerts will see less of the new numbers as we only have limited orchestral parts. Guess who is the Celtic Orchestral Librarian????? Yes, you've guessed it. But I am thinking of resigning!

We had a ball in Cincinnati, and look forward to next Sunday so much. Donna sang brilliantly in Blue Bell. That girl has a God-given gift, and nothing seems to phase her. A lovely lady!

Think that is about it, and there I go, rambling on again!
Love to y'all,