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2007-02-21 a message from James

This is just a lil keepin in touch email to let you know I am thinking of y'all and am VERY grateful for your continued support for us all.

All seems to be going well so far in the Netherlands. This is without a doubt one of my favourite tours we do. It is possible to ahve a near-normal life while here, as we all have self-catering apartments in the city centre, can eat healthily, sleep well, and get to see this WONDERFUL city. A few days ago, we went along to see the famous "BODIES" exhibition which ahs been touring the world. You know - by Gunther van Hagen? It uses REAL dead bodies and literally EVERY part of the human body is on display and explained in detail...Fascinating. I didn't recognise any of the exhibits thankfully. I was hoping I wouldn't wander around and see "Oh look there's Uncle Charlie"... It was mind-blowing.

Thanks to Ennica for a great review of Spindale and nice to meet her pal Dale from Alabama with Deirdre on his chest, as it were!

Thanks to Rianne for the review from the other night, and for mentioning some of our new songs. We love An Cailin of my favourites. "I'll tell me Ma" is also fun and is developing every night. "I know I'll never love this way" is also a favourite of mine, but not sure how long it will remain in the programme as some of the others are not fully convinced...I love it...Lets keep it in. And yes, I did put in my Dutch curse into Paddy McGinty. BUT...I got in trouble for it by an audience member, so it is gone now. I have replaced it...

Anyway...I will keep in touch...Love to each and every one of you, and see some of you soon,

add on from James:
I am sure you are all aware that my recording of "Summer of my dreams" was chosen by a lady in Taiwan as the backdrop for her You Tube short video of "Brokeback Mountain"? Just to say I am MORE than happy for everyone in the Club to have a look, if they haven't already.
Obviously we are all aware that this is the most famous 'gay' movie of all time, but it is quite an honour that it was selected and I have NO problem with this whatsoever. Even for the Newsletter perhaps??
People can log into and type in Ennis' Dream and there it is...
Please share with everyone!
Also I don't know how I forgot but can you also add to my previous email by saying a HUGE heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already given money towards my Kenyan project. I was so touched that several have already given to this...I will not mention any names, but please thank everyone!
James xo