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2007-02-05 a message from James

Hope all are well? This is just a "keeping in touch/on the road" email...


We are LOVING the orchestral concerts, they are such fun. Love them. If anyone is near Chautauqua come and see us there, it is such a beautiful place, might do a column on it this time. Lovely venue too. And I can spell it now too.

Moni, thanks for your wonderful review...The school's name is Carbury National School, and my sister's kids ALL go there. It used to be Sligo Model School and that is where I went to school. (No not a Modelling Academy). And yes Moni, amazing to have seen Niall. I met him a few days after the Sligo concert for coffee, and I agree, his new coiffure, or lack of, is fabulous. I love it. So many do not suit shaved heads, but Niall does. He seems in really good form, and very busy.

Anyway, I will keep in touch...Speak soon.



add-on sent the same day:
Just a little extra note... Moni wrote a beautiful review from the Sligo concert, and mentioned some songs, but of course it was impossible for her to know the new songs we did.......and I am always SO conscious of the fact that we need new songs!!! So just to let everyone know that we also sang in that concert... David's "Bells of Peace" with 1st and 2nd class from Carbury National School, including my nephew Andrew. Also, "I'll tell me Ma" which is new. And Dionne Warwick's "I know I'll never love this way again". There are others on the way, including a new Irish one, which ought to be ready for the Netherlands next week, and it is fast becoming one of my favourites!! So watch this space...
Night from Florida,
James xoxo