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2007-01-31 a message from James

This will be brief as it is almost 1am and I should be in bed.


The Homepage is Glencar Lake and Valley in Sligo from the top of Glencar Mountain. Kiri is to my right, just out of picture. And for that reason I have sent you a pic of Kiri, facing the other way on Glencar Mountain! By now the webmasters will have the two Sligo pics from the site (see photos, various). Perhaps we will change the pics now and again...Benbulben with Rhodadendrons is on the Contacts page, and yes Dresden. And also a sunset at Wilmington in North Carolina. Sydney Opera House is also one of my pics...hope you are all suitably impressed!

I am SO excited about Skagen in Denmark as the area is so famous for its artists, including one of my favourites - Kroyer. Wonderful. Also the musical line-up of course. Hope we get a chance to see a little.

Also looking forward to Chautauqua which is an amazing venue in a beautiful colonial-style town, wonderful.

And we have TWO Dutch dates in August, one open-air on the 22nd August....more about them soon.

Thanks for all your support re my Kenyan trip. I hope to do an acoustic song recital in Sligo in May to raise more money for the trip...I need to raise lots.

Vancouver was WELL worth the trip, a day to get there and a day to get back. After a full afternoon rehearsal it is a miracle that we could even sing, but it went well I think, and had a big reaction. Very happy with that. Looking forward very much to the other orchestral concerts in March and April. And despite the newspaper article, we decided NOT to wear the satin pants and thigh-high boots! They are still in my wardrobe.

Take good care of yourselves.
Lots of Love to you all,