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2007-01-22 a message from James

Hi, Staying in Dublin before our Vancouver flight. Anyway, this is breif as I am going to bed soon...


Thank you ALL for your so far VERY positive feedback about our site. there were so many complaints about the previous one, something had to be done. Keep the feedback coming, and if there are dates missing maybe let us know and we can update it?

You were right actually, FIVE of the background pics were taken by me!!! The homepage is Glencar Valley in Sligo from the top of Glencar Mountain as I was walking Kiri! The contacts page is Benbulben with rhodedendrons in the mist, also SLigo of course. Also my pics of Sydney Harbour, Sunset at Wilmington, and the Dresden Mural... We hope to change the backgrounds every few months...we shall see.

The logo was our creation...mostly...obviously it is an old Irish 'T' (for tenors) and the old Irish 'T' looks like a C for Celtic, and yes it also is a little like the Bass Clef so hence the two dots, or maybe there are other hidden reasons for the two dots, two brain cells...or my two personalities...Hello...Hi...Yes...Hmm...I am tired. Anyway, its a C, a T, a Clef, and musical, and quite atractive we think? Maybe we can do Tshirts and otehr stuff with this logo...Watch this space...

Thanks to those of you who have mentioned my Kenyan trip. It is daunting to say the least but something I have always wanted to do. The last thing I wanted to do was to ask for money, and that was why I just put a link on the site, and if people feel so inclined they can, but no pressure whatsoever. Thanks to those of you who have been supportive.

Omagh went very well indeed, and we tried out two new songs, perhaps a third new one on knows what they were...soon you will hear them...

Anyway, must go to bed...

Night everyone, and love to you all,