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2007-01-07 a message from James

Firstly may I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year, and join with Deirdre in her sweet message where she sincerely thanks you all for your constant love and support...and so say all of us! THANK YOU!

To answer some of your questions... As to our ages...I will reveal that I was in fact born in the last century, in the last Millenium in fact, so I am quite old. Hopefully we will get back to Germany sometime. I know our European agent has begun to make enquiries on that front, but of course it will take time, and as you know our 2007 is already quite full.

Just to give you some warning...I have been asked for a few years to go on a humanitarian trip to Africa, and it is something I have always wanted to do. The dates have now been confirmed, and I will be there from June 2nd until June 11th of this year. I will of course give much more details very soon about this, but just in case you found out from the Weekender or elsewhere, I wanted to tell you all first.

Love to you all, and all the very best for 2007, and... GO RAIBH MILE MAITH AGAIBH GO LEIR