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2006-10-29 a message from James

Hope each and every one of you are having a nice weekend.


Think this week is my column again, though I think they are actually putting it in a new format, in their new magazine! Hopefully you will see my column soon.

It's funny you mention our games in the tourbus. We DO have quite a few. Some have been invented by our Musical Director!! And they are not fit for this site. Others are kinda sweet. "Word association" is played quite a lot. But David is too good at that! You know how that works? Someone starts with a word, any word, and it just goes around the bus......each word may be only tentatively linked to the previous one but there must be a link. For etc etc.......

Was that not a truly beautifully crafted letter from Donna? I was most impressed. Beautiful. Of course we are doing one more concert with Donna in her home town on November 24th in Ballina Cathedral. Deirdre is not in that one, just Donna as our guest.

Anyway just thought I would say Hi, and keep in touch.

Love to y'all,