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2006-10-20 a message from James

Hope each and every one of you are well? Greetings to y'all from a Tennessee hotel foyer. Hope our lovely Canadians have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Forgive the belated wishes there.


Thanks to several of you for nice comments about the lovely Singing Nuns. I wonder if they say my column? It is positive about them I think.......

Well, all is going great on tour. Our agents still have managed to fit in quite a few RIDICULOUSLY long drives. Two days ago we drove EIGHT hours to the next town. And yesterday we drove NINE hours PLUS a lunch stop in Cracker Barrel for an hour, and that was our day-off supposedly. Hopefully soon they will study the map of this vast country a little more closely.......Tonight we are in Union City Tennessee. We have had lovely reactions without exception. A few memorable nights in particular. The theatre staff and crowd in Asheville were particularly nice. Nice also to have met Patricia and her family all the way from Ontario too, sorry I was a little slow to recognise you Patricia, but hope you liked your dedication. Our big long 8 hour drive brought us to Pikeville in Kentucky, though we were told locally to pronounce it Paahhk-vee-ull!! An amazing mining town miles away from anywhere really. Incredible mountain scenery.

So, a lovely tour, and our Canadian Tour Manager, driver, sound-guy is Dale Lynch, and one couldn't hope for a better guy to look after us. A great guy.

Speak to y'all next week on my return home I hope.

Take care and love to y'all,
James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx