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2006-10-01 a message from James

As we will be away for a while, I have to make a general Happy Birthday to several people, and of course our WONDERFUL (if slightly berserk) Musical Director next Sunday (October 8th!). Hope you all have lovely birthdays.......


I am SO flattered by all your overwhelmingly positive comments about "Summer of my Dreams".......I have not sung it in so long at this stage. Yeah, maybe it is time for it's return...Hmm...nice thought Mum's favourite song.......

We will most certainly always sing "Remember Me", unless one of us is unwell (it is deceptively difficult!!).

Spoke to Deirdre who is all excited at her live link-up chat tonight. Was going to go in under a pseudonym and spy, but decided against, not my style really.......

As Celestine is overdue, and about to pop any minute, we are all waiting with baited breath....... Keep your positive vibes coming to that hospital.......

I am just back from four beautiful days in Paris. It is such a beautiful city. My degree was Music and French, and once I WAS fluent in French. It began to come back by the end of the trip, but I will need to go back there.......LOTS!!! Had AMAZING food, went to Versailles, the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Notre Dame, Pere Lachaise, Giverny to see Monet's house, garden and lily-pond, and MUCH more. Also got to see "Salome" (Strauss) which I have been in in the past at the Opera Bastille, and also "Lucia" (also been in that!) with the wonderful star coloratura soprano of the moment Natalie Dessay (STUNNING VOICE) who I have known in my past life. She got standing ovation after her big Mad Scene and at the end. It was a ridiculous AWFUL modern production, but she was mind-blowing. Also saw a Mozart Gala at the old Opera House which was lovely, especially the Marc Chagall ceiling!!

A lovely break.......really lovely,
Love to each and every one of you,