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2006-09-13 a message from James

Hello everyone,


Just passing through to say a HUGE GINORMOUS Thank you for ALL my lovely birthday wishes online at yahoo, and through the fansite, and the many MANY cards and gifts delivered faithfully on Sunday night at the Gaiety. A sincere thank you for the gifts, really - you are too kind some of you, and I really do appreciate it, thank you.

We had a wonderful night on Sunday at the Gaiety. It makes such a difference having the strings there, and of course Martin Quinn. David's orchestral arrangements are truly magnificent, and of course his playing is inspiringly virtuosic. We are SO happy to be singing new repertoire as well. Of course we will probably find out that some will need to return, and some new ones may not be popular, or may need to be replaced. Two of my favourites to sing at the moment are "Still by your side" and the "Barcarolle". It was WONDERFUL to see SO many of you there, and I hope you all felt it was worth the trip.

Love to each and every one of you,