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2006-08-29 a message from James

Hello all


Just a REALLY quick note to say Hi to you all. I thought I would just respond tonight, before we head to Cork. I am driving very early to Cork in the morning as we have a radio interview at 12. Then staying the night before the first night there.

Seemingly things are generally slow in theatres in Ireland at the moment, so anyone who is thinking of going to Cork, please go to our show, it will be good we think.

The small orchestra will make a big difference we think, and there are probably about 8 or 9 new songs I think!! I think we are singing 6 from the latest album.......

We have been rehearsing in the last few days, and all is well. Just to give advance warning that we will probably be driving back to Dublin/Wicklow after the Saturday show, so will not be around after the signing...Ok? Forewarning... We have a full orchestral rehearsal on Sunday in the Gaiety and a show that night, so need to be home to sleep....... Also there is a big match involving Cork, so we could not get flights or trains to Dublin on Sunday.......Hmmph!

Niall's trip sounds amazing, doesn't it? And great news re his Ades opera too. It would be strange for me to go back to my opera now I think, but very exciting too.

Anyway, nodding off here, and shirts still to iron...Ugh...

Speak soon again.
Forgive the brevity.
Love to ALL of you,