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2006-08-20 a message from James

Well it sounds like Daryl is setting a precedent! I hear he has been in touch with you all a few times now. The pressure is really on Matthew


It really was amazing to do the Threshing Festival, surreal to sing on the back of a truck as I thought "Wow, I have really made it now". Did you all know that we really want to make a sort of coffee-table book with some of the best after-show quotes we have heard? I did a column on it years ago? Remember? Some of the best after-show comments came from that day....... "Jeez, those fellas have some ****in voices, fabulous... but they're too high pitch for me!" Of course I remember the April Fool last year, and I suppose it gives meaning to that phrase "What goes around comes around".

Just to let you all know, we have moved on from Pat, still friends thankfully (rare in these days to move from a manager and remain in contact). So maybe not good to send things to his office? We ought to think about that? Soon we will have a solution I think...

Many of you mentioned those nuns - those ladies are indeed special, I am thinking of doing a column about them perhaps. They really made an impression on me, especially their warm personalities. No don't worry, this guy aint joinin no monastery. But sometimes people have a real effect on you, and they did.

And what a cool review for Dublin Ohio. Wow, they liked us? Maybe that review can be posted somehwere? Assume it is on the site? Thanks for posting it to me.

Did you all like the new pics form the Manhattan photo shoot? Quite nice?

The acoustic in bathrooms is wonderful. But the acoustic in plastic cubicles leaves a lot to be desired. Not good, and I nearly lost my tuning fork, and there was no way I would go searching for it down there...ugh...

You will all be thrilled to know (I hope) that we will have several new songs in our programmes from now on. A few more from the album.......a few new fast Irish songs.... a few new a capellas... and definitely one new classical one including the lady...Hmmm... what else? At least 6 or 7 totally new ones in Cork and Dublin we think. Intrigued? Well, watch this space.

...til the next to each and every one of you,