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2006-08-18 a message from Daryl

Thoughts on a life of singing!!


Just thought I would drop you a quick note and tell you of my experiences. I now have a few concerts behind me and a mini tour to the states, so have a better insight to the CT's. The pace of life with the group is fast, which suits me well, but it means that I have to be organised a little better!! We have worked hard as group to make sure that my integration is as seemless as possible.

I am sure people will inevitably compare me to Niall, and that is to be expected. It is no different to my Opera experiences,e.g. when singing a well known role like Tamino, people tend to make comparisons to singers they have heard in the past. This has been my norm now for a few years. I approach my input with the Ct's no different than what I would do in an opera. I know Niall has recorded the songs that I am singing, and I have huge respect for the quality and beauty that he has given. I therefore try and interpret the songs in an honest and personal way, and do what all my singing teachers have told me down the years, 'Sing it like you mean it'. For me, this is the best way for me to make things work. I am certainly learning everyday and I love that process of breaking a song down and building it back up again with your own interpretation. The great thing is that everytime you sing a song, it is slighty different. For many years I have been surrounded by people who are keen to get their technique right. This of course is extremely important, otherwise you have no means of communicating what you want to say in a song. Ultimately, it is a combination of technique, interpretation and emotion which when combined correctly, has the ability to stop people in their tracks. This what we all strive for.

The concerts with the Ct's have been a lot fun. To date I have been rained upon, been in thunder storms, sung in a field, sung in a forest, sung in incredible heat, sung with Mic's and without etc etc... What more could you ask for!! I love it!! Everyday is different. I am really looking forward to the upcoming concerts in Cork Opera House and the Gaiety in Dublin. These bring a little bit more of the traditional concert format, and I do get a kick out of theatres designed for opera. They always have a special feeling. It will be sad to see Donna finish of her stint with the CT's during these concerts, but she has a fantastic future ahead of her and I am sure we will see her again before long. Dierdre will be returning and I look forward to working on some new rep with her, she came along and sang last Sunday with us and her new album sounds Fantastic!!!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, these were just a few thoughts on my approach to singing. I hope to see you all in the not to distant future and look forward to getting back on the stage next week,

Best wishes,