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2006-08-08 a message from James

Well, we arrived back from the USA (via Columbus Ohio and Atlanta), and touched down at about 9.30am today. I have tried to stay awake, so forgive any typos I mya mkae.


Our concert in White Mills was memorable. David had been given wrong info, and was not free to play for us, so we asked Danny Sheridan to come across and do just one gig. Poor Daryl, he STILL had not had a normal concert with us! It went very well, and was an inspiring setting. I believe there were about 700 people there, and it was a lovely reaction. We added two new numbers that night - "An Poc ar buile" and "Shenandoah" - both a capella.

Then we had a showcase in Nashville, and we received the only standing ovation of the day (25 acts), so maybe that means more work for us, we hope? We also got to go to the famous "Grand Ole Opry". Now James hates Country and Western, but James discovered he only hates IRISH Country and Western music. We had a great night. Eight acts sang for 15 minutes each, and there was really only one I could have done without. I loved 6 or 7 of them. Amazing night. I can send a pic if you like?

By now we had had some photos in New York, as of course we have to have some with Daryl, so watch this space...

Then we flew to Ohio to sing two shows at the Dublin Irish Festival. GREAT atmosphere there, and CROWDS of people. Our shows seemed to go down well. Bear in mind, poor Daryl STILL has not done a normal show. And on Sunday he will probably be singing on the back of a truck, just a few songs, at the Moynalty Steam Threshing. It is a very small local gig everyone, and we may only sing for a few mins, so Irish fans please wait til Cork and Dublin, ok? Seemingly according to Matthew and Deirdre, the event attracts about 35,000 people every year. Daryl has been doing REALLY well in the last few shows, singing beautifully - GREAT.

This really HAS been the hottest summer in MY living memory - "Summer of my dreams" perhaps...

Now I have to go to bed, my eyes are those of a tortoise.......

Night all,