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2006-07-07 a message from James

Thank you ALL for your supportive reviews and emails following our recent concert at Munich. Not sure why the Irish are small, maybe it is because we are in touch with our inner-Leprechauns?

I assume you all know by now that Deirdre is coming back to the show as planned at the end of September? Donna was fantastic - hard to believe she was 18, just 19 recently - and we wish her well as she returns to college. Maybe it might be nice for people to send a joint email which we could send on to her, wishing her well?? Just use the contact form on the fansite. I think, with the right guidance, Donna will have a big career. I think her year with us will hopefully have been good for her too.

Well done Deutschland on setting the stage for an exciting World Cup. I do not generally watch soccer, but have been glued, when free of course, to the competition. And well done Germany for getting so far in the competition too. Now I think I want Italy to win, or France.

Thanks for your positive reaction to Daryl. Of course you will all miss Niall. But I think what is important to point out is that Niall is Niall, and Daryl is Daryl. Daryl will not be trying to 'impersonate' Niall, or to do as he does. He will, during his time, have to put his own stamp on the music. It will be different of course, but try not to see him as coming in to imitate Niall. Try to see him as Daryl - I hope you know what I am trying to say. It was an incredible feat to stand up and have all the words, harmonies etc all memorised. Then on top of that a thunderstorm! Then to sing acoustic on the first gig. VERY hard. Hopefully the next gigs will not be quite so trying on the poor guy. Anyway, thank you all for your support in this regard.

Because of Daryl having to really settle in to the shows, and because of a change in management structure, and several other changes, the Irish shows will probably just be more general, and not 'themed' as such. It will be just an evening with the CTs, but with LOTS of new songs!! We are learning them as we speak. We have already put several of our standards in a bottom drawer for a little watch this space. Also looks like we WILL be doing a Cathedral tour in Ireland in November, dates to be confirmed. Perhaps 7 or 8 dates over a two-week period.

On a slightly negative note, I received a rather negative, and somehwat upsetting email a few days ago from someone who can remain nameless. This has not happened for several years now. I now realise that the problems belong to this person, and not to me, and I will not be needing therapy to get over it! I am fine thanks. But, perhaps this is a time to remind people that if they have something to say can they please send their emails via the fansite and not to my email direct, as I will no longer respond to such an onslaught. I just try to be nice, but sometimes maybe I am too nice for my own good. Thanks!

Love to you all, each and every one of you,