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2006-07-04 a message from Daryl

Hi everyone


many thanks for all of the birthday wishes I received on Saturday. It is was very nice to be acknowledged by so many, so again my sincere thanks. I managed to spend the day in rehearsals in Zurich in the morning but I had time of later to relax with my friends.


It is now over a week since my first performance with the CT's in Munich. I think James really summed it up a baptism of fire and he was right. I did however really enjoy it as some of you already mentioned. It was an opening that I am not likely to forget in a hurry. It did show what a wonderful team the boys are and they really showed tremendous support to me throughout the day. I also should mention the wonderful work David did in keeping things together as we moved venue, it is no easy task being an MD and he showed huge professionalism when we went accapella.


Anyway, I am moving home to Ireland today and look forward to getting to rehearse more with Matthew and James. The next few months will be difficult as we work to gel with eachother, but I am determined to enjoy every second, so apologies in advance if I smile too much on stage. Anyway, thanks again to everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you soon,

best wishes,