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2006-06-21 a message from James

Just Stressed-Celt passing through, saying Hi, and hoping you are all doing well.


Thank you all for your endless messages of support for our Niall in his decision to take some 'time-out'. I must have read hundreds of well-wishing emails in support of Posh, and also making Daryl (Ulster Celt?) feel very welcome. Felt quite emotional by the end of reading all your eloquent emails - you are a lovely supportive lot of people, aren't you? It would be wrong to single out any in particular, there were too many. Truly though, your unconditional support is MUCH appreciated by us all.

Kilcullen was a bit of a nightmare for me actually. As you all know, I need to take a course in Stress Management. And too much stress goes to my neck and larynx, and I can no longer sing. And so it was on Sunday.:-(( Yes, I bravely soldiered on, and got through it, but it wasn't pretty at times. It was annoying as it was Niall's last gig for a while, and so many of you had come to the concert. So a big apology to you all for not being myself. I just don't do stress, and that is about it. I just wanna sing and perform. (Yes, I realise that is naive).

It was a weird night. Niall has been in the group for 6 years, but really since 1995 (11 years) since we were the "Three Irish Tenors". So it was weird, sad, and lots of other emotions too. We ALL wish him well in his time off.

Daryl is a lovely guy. Niall got to meet him in Cahir last Friday, and they got on really well. Daryl also has a VERY high voice, is an excellent musician and pianist, and becomes the youngest member of the group (so speaks Grandad). I am not sure about his Celt name - Ulster Celt seems the most obvious. But, and I am not sure if any of you knew this, Daryl also played professional soccer for Sligo Rovers!!! So Soccer Celt is also an option.......

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Munich. I am desperately trying once again to lose weight. Last night I swam 80 lengths of front crawl. This morning I played tennis for 2 hours (I won too!!), and then swam 70 lengths again, so am on a roll. Need to get back to my 2000 weight when the first album was recorded. I am just under a stone away from it. No chocolate please this year (Oh Gosh, do I mean that, surely not).

Look after yourselves, and each other,

Love to you all,