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2006-06-11 a note from James

Hi all,


We were in Oman, and then I had a little break in Ireland for three days, so been out of contact really.When we were in Oman we also sang at a little school, and had GREAT fun there. I think there may be an article in "The Week" (an Omani paper), either last week or this, not sure.

After I returned from the Gulf, I decided to take advantage of the scorching Irish weather, yes you read that correctly. I had been to the smallest Aran Island before, but decided to go to Inis Mor, the largest. All I can say is that it was one of the most beautiful short breaks I have ever had the pleasure of taking. 26 degree heat, and an island full of interest and STUNNING scenery. We cycled 25 miles or more a day, and walked about 5 or 6 miles along cliffs, through cliff-top ruins etc etc. If you get the weather, the Aran Islands are beyond belief. We flew there, eight minutes from Connemara.

And now you know there has been much going on, a lot of it upsetting, but I suppose that is the music business. There is also more news just around the corner which we hope to tell you about during the week.

When I was at university, then teaching, and playing the organ in a church, I knew all I wanted to do was to be involved in music. Then I wanted to sing, to perform, to portray many varied roles on the opera stage, and then to perform as a Celtic Tenor. If I had known it would have come with a lot of extra baggage, I may have reconsidered, and yet I don't regret it at all. There have definitely been highs and lows, and now is a time I have to refocus on highs.......

Anyway.......Belated congratualtions to the Fan Club for the 4th Anniversary. Really well done ALL of you, for keeping it alive for all this time. Now of course it is clear to you all why Niall did not fill in his questionnaire, and you undertand why I could not give the reason at the time. Thank you all for many very kind, and at times moving, messages regarding the Club, and us. I personally LOVED the idea of the questions, great idea Frau Moderator!! Thankfully, none were too probing, or invasive. I enjoyed it. Let's do it again.......

And here is an opportunity to congratulate Anja, Ricky, Barb and Heather for ALL they have done from the start for the Fan Club. I think at times we just do not fully appreciate the amount of work that goes in to it. More recently thanks also to Beate and Rianne. Ladies, a heartfelt thanks, and many squooshes to you all.

I also know for a fact that MANY dear and special friendships have resulted from contact within this group. I think that is one of the most special things about the whole Fan Club. Many of you have met each other several times, and several of you by now are deep friends. So well done all.

I expect a new summary is just about to arrive.

Much love to you all,