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2006-06-04 a message from James

Hi everyone,


Niall and I have just returned from a trip to Oman, which went really well. It was 45 to 50 degrees every day, which is VERY HOT! For those across the water, that is around 120/130 I think?

Sorry to have been rather silent of late, and I truly do apologise for the lack of contact. I realise some of you have reacted rather badly (understandably so) to the cancellation of some of the Irish dates.I am very relieved that many of you have been able to reschedule your travel plans. Apologies to all others!

All I can say is "Please bear with us". There is a lot happening at the moment, on several levels. Sorry for the mystery again. All the US, Canadian and Dutch dates are all 100% secure, as are Kilcullen and Munich.

I can say that soon you will all be put in the picture as to what is happening, but at the moment the situation is delicate and it would be unwise and unprofessional to say more at this time.

Please accept my sincere apologies again, and please don't worry. Just bear with us.......

Love to you all,