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2006-05-05 a message from James

Thank you ALL for amazing reviews.......


Some are truly incredible. I have to wait in my little office now, as my head will not fit through the door until the swelling goes down.

Beate, thank you for your beautifully written review of my concert in the National Concert Hall with the Dublin County Choir and the Orchestra of St Cecilia. I had little or nothing to do in the Jenkins Mass but it was nice to hear this piece. I actually REALLY like it, especially a few movements in particular - "Benedictus", "Agnus Dei" and "Sanctus". It was fun to do some operatic bits again. Also nice to do the FULL version of the "Pearl Fishers", they normally cut the middle bit. And I have not sung the "Rigoletto" quartet in AGES, so again nice to do it with full orchestra. And, actually, it was 100% acoustic. The microphones you saw were for a private recording for the choir members. I was asked to do the concert while I was on tour in the US, and it was on a Sunday, so I thought that should be ok, and it was. But yes, I suppose it was a bit of a secret. Maeve went too though, with a friend? I REALLY enjoyed the evening. We are OFTEN asked to do solo gigs, and most of the time are not free.

I wish I could remember what I did in "Nessun Dorma", I think perhaps, as I had done the concert the week before with orchestra, maybe I was back in my 'classical zone'. But THANK YOU everyone who thought I was singing well that night, and in good form. There was a real buzz in the square, even if it was cold. The reason we did "We are the Champions" was because of PSV Eindhoven winning the League!! A big deal, beating all those AC Milan and Juventus etc etc. I must say it is one of my favourite things to sing, even if you thought Matthew and Niall were better at it than me....... "I like to be in America" was in, like the Beatles, because there was an existing arrangement, so I harmonised the two and we did our best. Maybe Widda Cafferty ought to have donned a Puerto Rican frock for the night, and kicked up her heels? So thank you ALL for lovely reviews.

Thanks for comments about my columns. the pressure is really off actually, with just one a month. David was totally unphased by the rollercoaster, and almost stood up as it was going backwards down a vertical slope.

Love to you ALL,