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2006-04-17 a thank you note from James

This is for all fans but especially for those who sent lovely messages or left a feedback in our guestbook.


A HUGE thank you and ginormous hug to all of you who wrote to express your feelings after our recent tours.

We have had beautiful messages from all over the North American continent, and from as far away as Switzerland and New Zealand. Many of you had not even known we existed until you saw us in concert, and it is nice that you took time out to say thanks to us, and to say how much you enjoyed our shows. Many of you saw us in orchestral concerts.

Admittedly, we normally tour with smaller resources, but when we get the chance to sing again with full orchestras, I am sure you can imagine how happy we are. As we are all classically trained, we have of course in the past sung on countless occasions with orchestras on the concert platform and in opera houses, but as Celtic Tenors, it happens less. But we LOVE it, and hopefully you saw that clearly from the auditorium.

Many of you travelled VERY long distances to come to see us, and that, along with your lovely messages, is most flattering to say the least, and at times almost overwhelming.

We have many fans, from the old to the VERY young, and it warms our hearts to know that we might be in some small way introducing our younger fans to classical music, and even opera, as was the case recently by a young gentleman who came all the way from Chicago to Florida to see us.

There is not much more I can say than a huge THANK YOU for your valuable feedback, your support and your positivity.

Hoping to see you again at a concert somewhere down the road!

All the very best to you all,