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2006-04-17 message from James

Great interview with Kevin-John, now he was one lovely guy. A real gentleman.


Sadly I missed the New York radio interview, maybe I can still hear it sometime. But of course I was there wasn't I, so I know what was said. We sang Danny Boy live of course, but the "Remember Me" was just played from our recording.

Thanks for INCREDIBLY lovely comments about my Northern Ireland column, one of my last weekly columns. I appreciate that very much. I suppose it was always a subject dear to my heart, and it sort of wrote itself. Having a Mum from the North and a Dad from the South highlighted that. Sad that I never knew Mum's side of the family though. Just met the other three columnists over Easter, and had photos with them. We just need to think of a new name as it will no longer be called "Nelson's Column"! :- ((

Just been home for Easter in fact, and Sligo was lovely and sunny for dog-walks, even if Kiri insisted on finding some prize rolling material (dead seagull, and worse!!). Just an excuse to be bathed by me afterwards probably...

Much love to you all,