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2006-03-30 and another one from James

Hello all you lovely people!


Back yesterday, forced myself to stay awake til 11pm, woke bright and ready for the day at 4am...ugh...then felt sleepy again at 5.30ish and slept til midday!! Think my body is confused by the timezones!


We are back after a longish but successful (I think) tour. Great to have met up with many of you en route.


The sound was awful at times. Maybe we ought to bring our own sound guy. (He could have had a day off in Olean, as we did an acoustic concert in the St Bonaventure College chapel - a lovely evening, just David and his brilliance and 4 acoustic voices).


So there is probably too much to say about the tour. It all seemed to go really well. We were well up the Classical Crossover Billboard Charts too which was nice. We did have some time off when we were there too. The two Florida dates were great, both total sell-outs and huge reactions. On a day off in between, we decided to 'go for it' and go to Disneyworld. None of us had been before, though Matthew had been to Disneyland. We got our Daily pass to all four parks, knowing that we could only get a little taste of a few. There will be a column about it I am sure, so more details in that. (Column will now be only once a fortnight, or once a month maybe!!). None of us went to MGM Disney studios (next time maybe). In the Magic Kingdom I managed to do the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (swinging around in a teacup made me almost throw up), Mickey's PhilharMagic (a beautiful 3D musical show - fantastic), The Haunted Mansion (fairly tame even if one little boy went hysterical - no, not Niall), Cinderella's Palace, and a few other bits too. Finally we went to the Space Mountain roller-coaster which is basically being thrown about in darkness, simulating flying through space, VERY fast. It was quite scary, but many people said not scary enough, and so they recently built the Everest/Himalyan ride in "Animal Kingdom". So on to there we went... We did the "Bug's Life" 3D show which was FABULOUS, we even got the Dung Beetle's virtual scent...ugh...Poo... All very clever. Then most of us queued for an hour (TOO much queuing) to do the Roller-coaster to end all roller-coasters!! It started ok. Donna and I went together, Matthew and David went in a front carriage. Niall would not be convinced to go anywhere near it. And so we went quite fast up the foothills of the Himalayas....then it went up a VERTICAL climb, and I thought, ok, brace yourself for a sheer drop the other side, but no, instead through some pretty glacial scenery, up further, and then...horrors...the railtrack was broken... we stopped...and what did it do, it went backwards at about 150mph down that vertical cliff and on further. SCREAMS!!! Then a Yeti jumped out in front of the train. I wanted to go home by now. Never again, well maybe, just once... Definitely scary. Finally we went to the Epcot Centre, and the one we wanted to see had a queuing time of 100 minutes. No time, so we went to a kind of dissappointing one called "Honey I shrunk the audience". However, all in all a FANTASTIC first taste of Disneyworld.

Love to you all,