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2006-03-30 a message from James

Just a very brief hello as I have only just woken up!!


We arrived back yesterday overnight from JFK, having been a month away. I will respond accordingly, but for the moment this is just a brief hello and catch up.

Lovely to have seen many of you on tour, mostly in Chicago.

I am sure you have by now received the postcard we sent? With "the news" - Matthew and Celestine and Sean's news? We are all delighted for them of course.

We have a busy enough time ahead, and next year is already looking madly full.......

We have some corporate dos over the next while and then a trip to the Netherlands (VERY brief) and the Gulf again.

Also, and wait for it, the things we get to do - honestly - we have been invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the National and World Ploughing championships in Carlow!! It is handy for me, as Wicklow is the neighbouring county. Carlow is less than 20 miles from here. We will just be doing a 20 or 30 minute slot I believe to open the show, not sure what yet - probably "The pre-ploughed Fields of Athenry"!!? The scary thing about it is we thought we'd just sing and go, BUT, because of his farming experience and threshing work at home in Meath, Matthew has said he is entering for the Fast-plough/Free-plough test, open to anyone on the day.......Kinda typical of the man!! Agh... it means that we will now have to wait and support him I suppose....... Should be fun anyway, though I am not sure if he is any good.......if it is anything like his driving....... watch out people of Carlow!!

Speak soon everyone...
Love to all, James xoxo