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2006-02-24 a message from James

Thanks to many of you for your Valentine messages. I appreciate them very much, and am feelin all loved-up.


Every time I read a review I think Gosh we ought to change our repertoire, but then when we do, people say "Aw, you didn't sing....such and such a song". Thing is we now have four albums, and a lot of stuff not on albums, quite a big repertoire really, so it is hard to know which ones to do, and which to leave out.

Please do not be disappointed, but at the moment in Boston, we are singing...wait for it...ONE song in that concert with the Chieftains. So do not blink, or doze off..All I can say is we WILL be back later in the year I'm sure to your area with the full show. Sorry it is only going to be three minutes worth this time.

Anyway, that is about it I think. Have to go for a swim now, I have been very good of late, and must continue in the USA. It will be lovely to see many of you on our tour, particularly in Chicago I think.

I will try to pop in sometime en route.

Take care of yourselves, and of each other,