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2006-02-13 a message from James

Just a little Valentine wish to you all, sending lots of love to each and everyone of you!


That photo shoot was such fun in Manhattan, partly because our photographer Bill Westmoreland and our stylist Karen Kleber were SUCH fun. We had a really great few days with them, and I think that is why some of the photos have turned out really well. Perhaps some of the best ones to date? (We think so anyway).

The Philadelphia gig is not happening for us anymore...something about it being a short gig, and no time for us to guest for the Chieftains. I hope you are not disappointed in Boston, as I would say it may be only a couple of Irish songs in that concert...not sure... but I am sure we will be back in that area again. In fact I think there may be a pencilled in date there later in the year... I will check. SO many Irish there, I am surprised we are not there more regularly. I LOVE Boston.

And as you all know, I ADORE Chicago!! And soon we will be back there again.

Last week we had two concerts, the first in Abbeyfeale and then Bantry...where we were a few years ago at the "Mussel Fair" or do I mean "Muscle Fair"?? The church was packed, to the rafters, and the response was truly memorable. Thanks to Beate and Olivia too for their great support.

Off to Belfast on Friday. We are only in the second half in the concert, like before there is a choir and orchestra in the first half. We are singing acoustic however which will hopefully be nice.

Love to you ALL on Valentine's Eve... (Is there such a thing? There is now.)