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2006-01-29 a message from James

I am back. We are back. More of that later.


Deirdre's album is FANTASTIC! It is a very original, and kind of daring tracklist. I think you will all love it, and she and David have done a great job.

With regard our own album, obviously most of you know it, but the pictures are kinda cool!! I love the cover and the back as well. Not sure about my solo one inside, but you can't win them all I suppose...

Sorry there were no photos of us on camels, but looks like we will be back there later this year, so watch this space...

I am having another massage and seaweed bath next weekend when I am home. I must try Enniscrone!

Hope you saw the not-very-good picture of the Dubai hotel? Maybe next time we will stay there!! However we were put up in a stunning hotel, only open a couple of days, the Shangri-La Resort Hotels near Muscat. Really lovely. On the beach, lazy rivers between the pools, lovely rooms and VERY friendly people! Abu Dhabi and Dubai were fine, though a little like building sites really, but Oman was truly a revelation...more in a column probably! A wonderful trip, and been asked to do more there this year, if it all fits in.

We went out on a rib (boat) and went at 50 knots per hour over the waves around the wonderful coastline, then swam, and did some sightseeing. All very lovely indeed.
Hope we return.
Love to you all,