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2006-01-15 another one from James

Hi again, so soon, eh?


Just back from a walk, and Sunday lunch with friends, and thought that I would reply now! Diligent Celt, eh? Swot, eh?

I was always a bit of a swot in school...nothing changes really, does it?

Glad you all got the postcard from Dungloe, or Clochan Liath as it is known locally, as Dungloe is in the Gaeltacht. If you are looking for signposts locally, it is ONLY in Irish, so remember that name... Clochan Liath is basically the same in English as another Irish town - Greystones!

Thanks Beate for your lovely report about your Irish tour and the gigs... Glad that you went the scenic route to Cork, unlike some other serial-shoppers. Imagine renting a car in one of the most beautiful parts of our country, and not even having a peek. Yes I know it was raining, but the Ladies View and Moll's Gap are worth a look....... Feel that virtual-slap on the wrist!

I also enjoyed Beate's description of the view from the stage. We kind of forget about that really, until such times as the Albert Hall, or the 100,000 people on London's South Bank. Nice to hear it from you. We sang "Bring him home" at a big Dublin funeral last year as the coffin was leaving the church, and people said we ought to do it in the show, so we did. Glad you liked it. So do we!!

Anyway, off to have my warm turkey salad now, and then a swim. Back on track. Watch this space for Fluctuating-Celt!
James xo