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2006-01-15 a message from James

Hi everyone


I took a break in beautiful North Donegal after our Derry concert. We used to go there as little kids (yes, I was one once), and so it was so nice to spend time there again. North Donegal and Achill Island are my two favourite places in Ireland to recharge my batteries. Ok, there are others, but these places are slightly less touristy, and so remote, and peaceful... GREAT walks, nice food, and sleep.

I like being Mephistopheles I think, a little bit evil... Hmm, not just 'nice James', but I have to say....... I HATE "The Look".......oh Gosh, remind me never to do that again. Not nice and very unflattering.

Finally, sorry to upset some of you who wrote to me about my recent column. But, as I said before, the paper have asked me to write a column (almost 200 weeks now), and I have my opinions, and they are my opinions, and I am sticking to them. If you don't like them, sorry, but you don't have to read the articles. I have been involved in Amnesty International, and particularly in Lifelines, for over a decade now. I have done my research. I am anti-Death Penalty. I think ALL killing is wrong, by the individual or the State. My opinions will not change, as I have heard ALL the arguments both for and against over and over. Sorry if some of you don't like them. By the way, thank you for the countless emails of support I received in this regard.

Every good wish to you all,