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2005-11-30 a message from James

Hello Everybody, Just passing through.......


Arrived back on Monday morning, overnight from Halifax via Boston! And there was a three-hour delay which is of course what we all wanted after our tough tour! Ah well, we are back now, though my sleep is by no means right yet. A bit all over the place.......


It was a long tough tiring tour, but it was most successful on a whole lot of levels. The Canadian people are lovely, pretty much without exception I would say.......but of course we all know that in here don't we?? Of course, once or twice we would arrive at a theatre and the staff were a little aloof, and even unwelcoming - it only happened once or twice, and also happens at home! What was funny was that after the show, when we got a good reaction, they couldn't have been nicer - that always makes me laugh!!


The response everywhere was truly mind-blowing, in particular a few stand out in the memory - Nanaimo on Vancouver Island after only TWO hours sleep, and Glace Bay in Cape Breton where the standing ovations started half way through the show. After "Nella Fantasia" we got an ovation for each song!! Mad!!!!!!!

The Chart position was kind of cool. We will however not get any higher than Number 4, so no Number 1 this time. Number 4 is as high as we go!! But considering the profiles of Il Divo and Josh (BOTH have been on Oprah etc etc), I think we can be proud. But as we are no longer on tour, we will probably slip way down the charts now.......

We had little or no time off, but hope that next time to see more of this beautiful VAST country!! And it is vast. My column on Canada is VERY general this time, and really just talks about how huge it is!

Now what can I say about Donna?? Donna has an incredible voice, and amazingly natural stage presence for one so very young. Nothing phased her on tour. Someone so young could easily have got homesick, stagefright or anything, but no, even a lobby call for 2.30am, yes half past two in the morning, did not seem to bother her too much. That was the most cruel one! Donna did great, the audiences loved her, and we loved her too we have to say. She can be a very naughty girl however and ended up playing lots of practical jokes on people. She made poor David's life hell at times. He is such a private uncomplex individual, and she was VERY naughty to him.

As I sit here by my computer I am freezing, as I am having ALL my windows replaced today and tomorrow! I have gone for the expensive option, to have them replaced with proper double-sash old-style (but double-glazed!!) windows. And they are bottle green, so I am phasing out the yellow at last.......Yippee!! Tonight as I lie in bed, and the wind blows through the valley outside, my curtains will no longer sway in the breeze.......

Love to you all,