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2005-11-20 a message from James

Just off an early flight form Ottawa to Halifax, and thought I would send a little brief email.......


Sorry I am a little behind (that reads 'am' and not 'have'!) but I am sure you can understand that we are literally on the road all the time.

We had our FIRST day off in ages in Ottawa on Friday and we treated it as a real day-off. James EVEN had a glass of wine!!! Just one though.......

Anyway, this will be brief as I have to do my laundry. Surely I ought to have someone do that for me by now?? Where are my PEOPLE??

Thanks for all the reviews of Oakville and a few other dates (Oakville seems like a distant memory now). Marann, thanks for the Q&A session review. I actually enjoyed that session....... Thanks also for reviews from John, Barb, Heather, Mary-Ann etc....... All of course very flattering.

Yes, my chin hair is gone now.......I shaved it off 'accidentally' (ahem) one morning......

With regards all the interviews we have been doing in Canada on radio or in press, we take turns, literally. And of course Heather, we honoured Remembrance Day in a big way and dedicated Remember Me to all those who lay down their lives for future generations (I did the dedication), and we wore your poppies thanks! It is a big deal here for sure.

As I have said we have had little or no time off at all. We are assured next time we will. Hmm.......

We did the gig at Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on just TWO hours sleep. A miracle, and strangely one of our best by far! Then we took the ferry to Vancouver and drove through the Coastal Mountains up to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley and on to Kamloops, where I got my mocassins!!Yippee.......

Then we flew to Edmonton, very flat indeed....... Then Ottawa for our day off!!

We liked Ottawa a lot. Especially Notre Dame Cathedral in my case. David and I climbed the Peace Tower in Government Buildings. A security guard told us the history of the tower. David says it is called the Peace Tower because his explanation sends you to sleep.......

Anyway, now we are in Halifax. Tomorrow we drive to Fredericton which is a town Salvador Dali literally wanted to paint red seemingly........Hmm, column perhaps.......

Speak to you all soon,