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2005-11-08 a message from James

Greetings from an Internet cafe on Yonge Street. It is a LONG street!!


This is VERY brief, and is really just to let you all know we are thinking of you, and that we really appreciate not only the huge support you are giving us all, but also the physical support during and after some of the concerts in North America.

It has been great to see many of you here, thank you, Barb, Heather, Maryann, John, Linda, Gary and others too!! Thank you all for your great reviews, as well as the amusing Q&A review from Motor City! Thank you all also for gifts, I will not single out anyone, as some folk do not like to be singled out, correct?

Everything is going great. We are tired, as it is a very tough tour, on every night, in a different town, and as you all know it is quite a high-energy show. Tonight we are in Brampton, tomorrow we are in Los Angeles (yes, you read that correctly), and the next night we are back in Ontario again. Then it is off to British Columbia. And so it goes on........

No complaints though.Top Ten Canadain Classical Charts after just a few days, will be interesting to see if we have climbed at all after a week. Beautiful country with lovely crisp air. And people are WONDERFUL, pretty much without exception.

Anyway, it's "Tail-lights in half an hour", so must go.......
Bye all, and thanks again,