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2005-10-16 a message from James

Well, this is my last one.......


We have SO MANY Canadian dates, oh my God! Twenty-one this year alone! And I am fulfilling some ambitions too, by going to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Cape Breton Island, amongst other places too. Las Vegas!! It will be a very tough tour of course (November 8, 9, 10 in particular.......Aaaagh), but it is great to be doing so much there. Also, we seem to be doing a big Canadian TV slot soon too, more about that again when we know.

With regard Donna, she is definitely doing the US and Canadian dates. Deirdre is doing the Dutch dates. And the Irish ones, one or other of them, and perhaps also a girl-band too!!!!!!! Now that has got ya thinking.......

I thought the school picture was too cute not to send in. That teacher Maura Conheady is an INCREDIBLE and very popular teacher. My nieces and nephew have all been taught by her, and love her. The school used to be called Sligo Model School and that is where I went, now the Model Arts Centre. It moved across the road and was renamed Carbury.

I used to be a teacher after I left university. I taught musicianship, choir, piano and French for about 4 years in Dublin. Also taught in a Stage School / Academy of Performing Arts in London - the Italia Conti School near the Barbican in London.

Yes, everyone, James felt physically sick when he saw a rat running around the Indian restaurant. Meal was superb, it was a posh restaurant, everything was wonderful. Then a big hairy bugger (not me) scuttled across the carpet. I nearly threw up, especially when I found out he had been there throughout the meal.......UGH! VILE.

Anyway, I am off now, and may be out of contact for a while as you know. I may check in sometime, or send a postcard.


Look after yourselves, and each other!
Love to you all,