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2005-10-10 a message from James

Just a quickie, as we do not have long before we head away on tour again.......


Thank you Barb for those concert links......Gosh, you are truly AMAZING!! I fill my diary thanks to Barb's links.......

SO happy I see we are going to Vancouver and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, even though we are not islands......... I have always wanted to go to British Columbia (of COURSE also want to visit Winnipeg!!). It already seems to be a really interesting tour, we look as though we are going to know Ontario rather well. Also SO looking forward to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton etc etc....... Of course there is a chance we will only see airports and theatres in these places, but hopefully not.

Nice to have heard from Deirdre, wasn't it? I am not surprised she has become the star of "Celtic Woman". Hopefully she will come back to us. Assume you have all heard who is replacing her temporarily? A very young girl from Castlebar in County Mayo called Donna Malone. She is a classically trained soprano, so no trouble to do "Nella Fantasia" or "Time to say Bye Bye" etc, and is such a sweet nice smiley girl, with a huge beautiful voice, she can only make our tour brighter! We have rehearsed with her, she is so young - I am old enough to be her father - just about (a teenage Dad of course) She is 18 !!!!! All you Canadians and Americans, make Donna feel welcome on her debut tour. Thanks!

Possibly the last email from me.


See some of you soon.


Hope you liked the photo I sent in courtesy of the Weekender, of us back at my old primary school?

Love to you all,