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2005-10-05 a message from James

Just a little note...


Wow.......feeling all the 'virtual love and positivity' here today as I read all of your lovely comments about our new recording and our concerts etc.

As we will be away for along time so probably I will not be in touch much on tour, as we are kinda busy it seems. Maybe a postcard, who knows! And hoepfully we will not do a 'Haarlem' on it. I bought the card when I was there, and along with a few others I forgot to write it until we got to Florida.......

I will need to start practicing my place-names for our Dutch December tour I think....... We absolutely ADORE our Dutch tours, totally, but what is it with the place-names.......? SO difficult to pronounce.

So, everyone, thank you all for your support and positivity, and speak to you sometime, and better still, meet/squoosh some of you soon in person!!

Love and thanks to you all,