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2005-09-26 a message from James

Well, just back overnight from the USA, and very tired, but here goes!!


Glad many of you have received our new album by now. It is quite different to our usual efforts, is it not? Much more 'Classical Crossover'. And most of you have picked up on "Ten Thousand Tears" which has to be a typical 'Crossover' track, don't you think? Majella and I have been friends for years and sang in the operas together in Dublin, Wexford and Buxton to name but a few. She is a wonderful singer, and an AMAZING person, and such a joy to be with and sing with, so I am glad you like our brief duet.


One thing not many of you mentioned, and it is something which often is simply taken for granted is David Munro's contribution. We do the vocal arrangements and harmonies of course, but the orchestral arrangements are David's, so round of applause for him too, from me.


So many of you do so much for the Club and our publicity etc, but we had to mention several ladies who do an ENORMOUS amount, hence the special mentions in the booklet.


Thank you ALL for amazing, if biased, reviews of the new CD...Anja, Beate, Veronika, Lady B, Gabi, Andrea, John, etc etc. And in the UK, Jill, thank you so much for taking time to let us know you like it. Hope we will be there again, though with what is happening in the US.......looks like we will be there about half of next year!?


We always ADORE our times in the Netherlands, and look forward so much to our tour in December.


So yes, we are just back form the USA, a huge corporate gig in Orlando for the National Safety Council, at EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!! Tenor voices don't like to be disturbed before midday!! It went well, even our newly arranged Star Spangled Banner a capella! Beautiful hotel with lots of swimming pools joined together by a lazy river.......


Then we flew to Memphis to sing at a national conference of bookers/agents/theatre managers/orchestral bookers etc. We received the first ever standing ovation in the conference's history, and our booker's stand at the conference ran out of our flyers and publicity material really quickly, and we know we have lots of confirmed US dates for 2007 in particular, but also for 2006.

Several of the big 'Pops' orchestras have made enquiries and lots more news this space........

Also while we were there, we went to Graceland ("Uhu, thank you very much!"), and.......I drove to meet Eric in his prison, for the first time.


Must go, Love to you all,
Aaaaaggh, you all have me late now.......aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, bye!