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2005-09-15 a message from James

I want to say a HUGE thank you for ALL your wonderful birthday wishes, too many to mention, but all appreciated!! Really, thank you.


Also for individual cards, thank you to those who sent them via our office etc.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for remembering my birthday, which was rainy, and we were working, as you know.......
The release today seemed to go well. Our new record company, Dara, are SO lovely. The TV3 appearance seemed to go ok. I have just seen our interview, and I didn't cringe TOO much.
Off to Netherlands in the morning, where we sing for an hour each night at 10.30!! Some new songs WILL be included, btu as it is a Celtic Festival, there will be lots of the usual too.
Hope you all like our new album!!!
Speak on return from the USA.......
Love to you all,