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2005-09-05 a message from James

Hello everyone, Well, I'm back, and Granada was "tierra sonada por mi", SO beautiful, surpassed even my highest expectations.


Totally wonderful. I think the Alhambra ought to be a "Wonder of the World", considering half of them no longer exist! My column has just been sent in to the paper, so in a few weeks it ought to arrive in print.
Firstly, can I please echo everyone's sentiments about Katrina and the devestation it caused, too horrid to get one's head around. An area the size of the UK devestated.......It seems incongruous to give such a devestating hurricane a beautiful girls' name??
Thank you to SO many for comments about my superstitions column. (Sorry this week's one is so local, but have to do them too!).
By the way, Barb and Anja, I am LOVING the Countdown on the site, great idea!! (and I KNOW the tracklist, HA!)
At the moment, I am spending some time at home getting all my videos together, all the TV appearances I ever did, from "Carols from Sligo" back in the 1990s from Sligo Cathedral, to ALL the German and Spanish TV appearnaces etc etc. I may be able to fit it all onto 2 DVDs I hope eventually. It is strange watching myself shrink over the years too, and then get a little bigger after my Mum died, and then shrink again....... In some I am ENORMOUS!! I have several TV appearances from 1995 (a fashion makeover in which I was particularly vast) with Paul Hennessy, Niall, and myself. More in the same format from 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998! Then in 1999 with Matthew instead of Paul, and from then on, SO many TV appearances!! It is for my own personal archive, and for my sister, as she is the one who collected so many of the video tapes.......amazing to watch.
Have a good week everyone!