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2005-08-21 a message from James

Hello All, This really WILL be brief. We have just come off the overnight flight from Newark after a VERY successful (and most fun ever perhaps?) trip to the USA.


So our gigs in New York (Westbury Music Fair and Chautauqua) were FANTASTIC. Our own set seemed to go down very well indeed both nights, just 15 minutes. But then we came on at the end of the night to sing the big encore with Air Supply, which of course is on our next album. 6000 in the audience. These two encores were perhaps some of the MOST exciting moments of my Celtic career, along with Abbey Road and a few others.......WHAT an atmosphere. Hope to do much more with them. A truly lovely bunch of people too, including their band.

Also Chautauqua was a bit of a discovery. I had never heard of it before. I think the website is , I think! I could explain now, but I am tired (aw, poor Sligo Celt)........ Amazing place.

We stayed in the old colonial hotel "The Athenaeum" within the grounds beside the huge amphitheatre, where we performed. All fab!


Sadly, we saw little of beautiful Long Island, but hopefully again.......


On the way over I saw "Madagascar" on the flight, cool movie! (though most of the flight-time is spent doing columns!!!) On the way back, one episode of "Will and Grace" and then I was asleep, before my dinner (no harm probably), but now poor tenor is tired again.


Next time I speak to you all will be after I return from Granada and Andalusia...........


Love to you all,