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2005-08-16 a message from James

Hi All!


Beate, your reviews are amazing, not just because they are beautifully written, but also because they are so perceptive. Lots of the new repertoire will take time to settle in, so that is why at the moment "Non Siamo" is changing slightly. Glad you like "Angel of Mercy", remind me to tell you all the story that now goes with that song. I think some of you already know it? Nice that we have now recorded our first Beatles song has come out very well we think. Obviously even better with instruments!


Talking about radio: I actually HATE hearing myself speak, so it is lovely to hear that it is bearable. When I heard myself reading my columns last year on Lyric FM (I actually have the four of them on CD now), I thought I sounded SO snobby!


So we are off in the morning to sing with Air Supply, back on Sunday, then I head to Granada on the 25th! Been singing about it long enough, even though a Mexican wrote the song, I have always had a fascination to see the Alhambra Palace, Sierra Nevada etc.......and when friends offered me their apartment not far away, it seemed like the place to go! Yippee!


Look after yourselves everyone,