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2005-08-07 a message from James

Hi Everyone! Assume someone posted this to you...


I will make this very short indeed, for no other reason than the fact that I am SHATTERED. (Explain later) Forgive any typos, btu wehn yuo aer tihs tried yuo catn evne se teh kyes. Mrs Covington, thank you for your rave review of Daytona and Port Orange, but please next time, can you at least put in a few negative comments, just for effect? We LOVED that trip though, especially the parasailing 1500ft above the sharks.......surprised there were no comments about that actually?? Were we not brave...Matthew and I? Yes, Widda Cafferty plans to master a few Canadian phrases, but so far she can only say "Eh buddy?". She has another one, but it is too rude!! (Alice Miller taught it to us) I would love to see Iceland sometime alright, but my trip in August is much more 'normal'. I have been to this country before, but not the particular area........Hmm... So, our concert in Belfast seemed to go down very well indeed. We had a huge reaction. And in the front row, was Gerry Adams!! How things have changed....... The reason I am so tired tonight is that today was a beautifully hot day, and I decided to go with a few of my friends, and climb Ireland's second highest mountain which is not far from where I live.......Lugnaquilla! Cannot believe I did it, and probably will never do it again. It is almost 1000 metres high, and I felt every metre. Took me two and a half hours, and the end was cardiovascular hell. I now look like a cooked lobster, without the pincers and extra legs, but I am very proud of myself indeed!! And now, if you'll forgive me, It's past this tenor's bedtime....... Much love to you all, Jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........