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2005-07-27 a message from James

Hello there, everyone


Well, we're back, and it was great.......but more of that anon. We only just heard about the Jupiter gig (sounds intergalactic), but we also have another one in Florida in December 2006! Actually saw the review as well, but they really mixed up their quotes! Matthew said about the "wee Dublin song", Niall said about "La Danza" meaning 'difficult to sing', and it was ME who said about the Speedos!!! We had a fantastic time in Florida. Disaster getting there. Due to bad weather, storms etc, we were stranded in Atlanta en route...could have met you Vera...all hotels were booked out, so we had to stay in a very dodgy cheap hotel, luggage lost, no toiletries so had to wash my hair with a bar of soap in the morning! Ugh....... Anyway, we got to Daytona, and stayed in the "Shores Resort and Spa", very nice. We were almost involved in a fight at a local restaurant, ok so maybe I am exaggerating, you will have to wait for the column.Despite shark attacks, I still swam in the Atlantic which was beautiful. Actually they say they haven't had shark attacks in a while! We sang at a Rotary Club dinner on the first day (we had to keep David quiet, and not allow him his un pc jokes!). The airconditioning was broken, and I think I won the wet T-shirt competition there, but only just....... That evening we sang in the ocean-front Coquina Rock Bandshell to about 2000 people I think. Joyce Covington was there, the amazing lady, she has been SO helpful to us, thanks Joyce. That was lovely to sing there on the beach almost. The next night was Port Orange (we did a little CBS TV slot during the day) at the Kenneth Parker Auditorium, also open-air. The crowds on both nights were SO lovely, and it was very full. Also VERY hot, especially in Port Orange, so we went casual both nights. Concerts went very well I think. On the last night we were supporting Leahy, the Canadian Family group. We sang the first hour, then they did the second half. Again, the crowd were lovely. Leahy are AMAZING, I am now a fan. They are all so talented but in particular Donnell and Erin. Hope to work with these lovely people again. You would all LOVE them. On that morning Matthew and I had an amazing experience. We went parasailing!! WOW, WOW, wow! Taken out across huge waves by rubber dinghy to a speedboat, we were put into harnesses. I was sure my granola would land on Matthew's lap, thought I would be scared, at least needing a nappy/diaper! But no, I was fine. We were let go behind the boat...up, up, up to 1500 feet. Not a sound up there as we were suspended way above the Daytona skyline. We could see manta rays, stingrays, turtles all swimming down below us, and yes, bull sharks and nurse sharks too. I will DEFINITELY do it again, and I think everyone should do it. INCREDIBLE. Photos to follow perhaps, though they could be anyone really! Anyway, I have gone on, forgive me, love to you all, have a lovely week! James.