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2005-07-11 message from James

Hi everyone


Thinking of everyone in London at this time. I lived there for 9 years, and hung my head every time the IRA did something, as though I was partly responsible by simply being Irish. I arrived in Waterloo station one day as a litter bin exploded, and was witness to many evacuations because of bombscares. What KIND of minds do these people have? And what is so heroic and brave about suicide-bombers?


Hope you all saw Niall's article in the Sunday Independent yesterday? An amusing piece.......


Our album is getting to the real finishing stages now, amazing. We have written our notes for the booklet etc, and it looks as though it will definitely be called "The Celtic Tenors - We are not islands". That is the title of one of the main tracks, the one with Brian Kennedy, and also sort of works on other levels too? You know - 'No man is an island' and there are three of us etc etc.


Last night we did a concert in Navan. We were topping the bill, and Liam Lawton was performing too, Deirdre (Shannon)and Mary Duff etc etc. It was a bit of a marathon actually. Not over until midnight! Too much really. what ever happened to "Less is more"? The cause was an excellent one...a lady with a brain tumour who had been to the USA to get surgery which cost $100,000! She is better, and this was to help pay for the surgery. Quite emotional. But TOO long!

Anyway, off for swim now.


Love to you all,