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2002-05-25 a message from Niall

Hi Everyone,


Anyone who has ever been to Scotland will tell you it's an absolutely beautiful country but it's also true that it rains there lots of the time. (What am I saying? In Ireland it's nearly as bad!) And yesterday afternoon, when we arrived to perform with the BBC Concert Orchestra on a specially built stage in a field next to a Scottish castle, guess what - IT WAS RAINING!


And it continued to do so. It rained through the sound-check, through the rehearsal, through tea and cookies.... and all the way through the concert. I felt so sorry for the orchestra. They had to try to keep their instruments dry and stop their music blowing off the music stands (thank goodness for clothes pegs!) while still managing to play. The Scottish piper was fighting hard to keep his intrument in tune and the audience looked like a sea of umbrellas. And as for the Celtic Tenors -well we just had to go for it! One, two, three (splash!): "Mull of Kintyre"!! And it's a bit scary knowing that two million people are listening to you live on the radio.


We all went out to dinner afterwards, mainly to warm up. It was only after a hot bath late last night that the chill had finally gone from my bones. Next out door concert should be somehwere warm! Any ideas??! I am going to suggest ITALY!!


Much love,