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Remember Me Review

Written by Kindah Mardam Bey
for Lucid Culture


Artist: Celtic Tenors

Record Label: Telarc International Corp.

Format: CD

Star Rating 4 out of 5 stars


My Grandfather had a great appreciation for the likes of Aled Jones, Mario Lanza, and frankly, any Welsh Choral group on the radio. It was those Sunday visits where my initiation into culture was first cultivated. So as I hear The Celtic Tenors I cant help but feel a familiar sound in their style, tone and vocals that those Sunday afternoons consisted of listening to. The Celtic Tenors, with all their youthful appeal have a strong essence of that traditionalist as well, covering classic songs like Danny Boy and Caruso. Mind you, with such tracks as All Out Of Love which made Air Supply famous in the eighties and the group has now collaborated on the Celtic Tenors version, you cant simply banish them to the adage of songs done before, but arent they nice lads.

In their fifth CD Remember Me, a confident collection of songs has been brought forth. New classics such as You Raise Me Up are covered and transformed under The Celtic Tenors in an almost African sounding background music paired with the husky and illuminescent voice of Samantha Mumba. Another song within that new classic category would definitely be The Celtic Tenors own song, and title of the collection, Remember Me, which has both haunting and hopeful qualities to the sound of the song.

The collection seems well paced, well thought out and well put together, a concise and classy songbook. As I was listening to the songs the traditionalist in me perked her ears up as I heard a nod to the Godfather of Tenors, with the song Caruso sung beautifully. The Celtic Tenors sing quite possibly the best version of Danny Boy Ive ever heard; I am a little exhausted with the over done renditions of Danny Boy, but I actually connected back to the meaning of this song when performed by The Celtic Tenors.

The lads are clad in jeans, black blazers and ties on the CD cover, showing that contrast of new music and old music within their popera genre. They briefly explain their reasons for picking the songs they did in the liner notes with a nice touch of kind words about The Celtic Tenors by people they collaborated with as book ends to the sides of the liner notes.

The Celtic Tenors have ventured into the no mans land of crossover artists which is a risky feat, but they have seemed to cover the territory with effortless appeal.


They will be performing these contemporary classics in concerts throughout the world this year.

Non Siamo Isole/We Are Not Islands (w/ Brian Kennedy)
Ten Thousand Tears (w/ Majella Cullagh)
You Raise Me Up (w/ Samantha Mumba)
All Out Of Love (w/ Air Supply)
Angel Of Mercy (w/ Deirdre Shannon)
Danny Boy
Erics Song (James)
Caruso (Niall)
Deep In Your Heart
Still By Your Side (w/ Deirdre Shannon)
Remember Me


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