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Remember Me

Information taken from the Telarc Site


The Celtic Tenors, the acclaimed vocal trio that has taken European and UK audiences by storm with their precision harmonies and unique classical crossover repertoire, are set to conquer new musical territory in North America with Remember Me, their Telarc debut set for release on February 28, 2006.


The new recording finds the dynamic young vocal trio of Matthew Gilsenan, Niall Morris and James Nelson delivering a brilliantly balanced mix of classical, traditional and pop compositions all filtered through the Celtic Tenors' unique vocal perspective.


"It is so exciting for us to have so many original songs on this album, many of which were written for us by some of the leading songwriters of our time," says Niall Morris.


We Are Not Islands (Non Siamo Isole) was written by award winning songwriter Simon May specifically for the Tenors, who premiered it in March 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the English Chamber Orchestra.


Angel of Mercy was penned for the tenors by Ronan Hardiman, who is famous in the U.S. for composing the music for Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance.


The simple a cappella version of Danny Boy, Ireland's most treasured folk song, began as a musical sketch by James Nelson, which the trio then worked into the version that they have since sung all around the world. I will never forget singing it for former President Bill Clinton at Dublin Castle, says Morris. He was only a few feet away and he had tears in his eyes.


But the song that remains especially close to the Tenors' hearts is the title track by Phil Coulter. This deeply moving yet uplifting piece, a tale of three Irish soldiers fighting abroad at the time of the Spanish Civil War, has a resonance with anyone who has ever endured the loss of or separation from a loved one. When we sing it in our stage shows, we dedicate it to all those service men and women at this time who are serving abroad and risking their lives, says Morris. We always sing it with a prayer that they will come back safely.


Also in the mix is a unique collaboration with Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply, the soft rock balladeers of the late 70s and early 80s. Not many people can say they have recorded All Out of Love with Air Supply, says Morris. In fact, no one can. Air Supply have never agreed to a collaboration of their most famous hit until now. They are amazing guys, and it's collaborations such as this one that make the music industry the most thrilling place to work.


Remember Me will be the third studio effort for the trio. Their self-titled debut album in 2000 climbed to the top of the German classical charts, and their 2002 followup, So Strong, took the number 2 spot on the UK Classical Album Chart. So Strong also landed in the top 10 on Billboard's Classical Crossover chart.


Although the music always comes first, there is even more to The Celtic Tenors than that, says Morris. We are three totally different personalities, coming together to make up a unique and often very entertaining entity. When I was growing up in Dublin, I used to say to my mother, Why can't I have a brother? hoping that maybe one day she would come back from the supermarket with one for me. She never did but, by a strange and miraculous twist of fate, I have now inherited two wonderful new brothers, and I am lucky enough to be able to hang out with them, to travel the world with them and the greatest gift of all to make music with them.


1. Non Siamo Isole/ We Are Not Islands (with Brian Kennedy)
2. Ten Thousands Tears (with Majella Cullagh)
3. Your Raise Me Up (with Samantha Mumba)
4. All Out of Love (with Air Supply)
5. Angel of Mercy (with Deirdre Shannon)
6. Danny Boy
7. Eric's Song (James)
8. Caruso (Niall)
9. Deep In Your Heart
10. Still By Your Side (with Deirdre Shannon)
11. Remember Me